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Before investing money for a client, we first seek to understand each investor’s unique goals, financial situations, time horizon, and risk profile. A deep understanding of a client’s ability and willingness to take risk is paramount to each client’s investment decisions. We then identify the specific combinations of investments that build an asset allocation aligned with each client’s profile. We utilize a core-satellite strategy that emphasizes low-costs and long-term results.


Investors who follow a personalized plan have a greater probability of reaching their financial goals than those who act on emotion. Our comprehensive approach is designed to create a plan that serves as the blueprint towards achieving your near- and long-term aspirations. We believe one of the best measures of performance is your progress towards your financial goals.


Each investment you hold comprises a piece of your total wealth picture. We take into consideration each account you may have (i.e. 401Ks, annuities, real estate) and design our strategies in a "total portfolio" context. We are also proactive in working with our clients tax and legal professionals to ensure the investments and strategy mesh with each client’s situation.


Emotions tend to force investors into making the wrong decisions at the worst times. We strive to assist clients in defining their goals, sticking to their plans to reach them, and mitigating irrational decision-making caused by the phenomenon of behavioral biases. Our process of implementing a portfolio that is strictly aligned with each client’s risk tolerance allows them to stay the course for the long-term.


Monitor, and when needed, refine your unique strategy to ensure your plan stays on track as life continues to evolve.

Investment Advisory services offered exclusively through Hornor, Townsend & Kent a Registered Investment Advisor.

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